Manjaro install with full disk encryption (LUKS) using multiple drives (HDD+SSD)

Hello, i have been searching the internet for tutorial or any information on how one should install manjaro with full disk encryption using rolling installer and multiple drives. But did not found what i needed. I would like to ask for guidance and help, maybe there is some guides on how i should proceed. Perhaps this thread would help the future users of manjaro as well who would want to do the same.

What i want to achieve:
I basically have two disks, SSD and HDD, i would want to install the main system on SSD and perhaps put the home directory on HDD. The SSD is 240Gb and HDD is 1TB, i would like to install games and such who might take a lot of size on HDD, do video editing on there as well. Perhaps someone already knows how it should be done and could save me some time. Or should i follow the guide written by rantzen and tweak it so it would work for manjaro ?

What i have tried to do
Create a VLM by combining the HDD and SSD in to one disk. And then on running installer chose to install the manjaro on the VLM. But there was some erros and it could not be done, even if i manual partition the VLM using other programs. I tried to partition without the VLM, choosing SSD and HDD partitions accordingly, like putting the /home directory on HDD but it did not work. I would partition directories like /home, /swap/ /var and then choose to encrypt each one of them. Everything would install, but when i would boot, i would be asked for key and after the key some files would not be found.

Is it possible what i want to achieve using rolling installer or i need to go and use Manjaro architect installer ? Is there some other way ? It seems a lot of people have more then one drive on their computer, as it is a common thing. Is there something that i missed in the manjaro installer ? Or should i just install manjaro on HDD and then add the SSD later for file storage ? I really need the encryption, but i don’t want to waste the SSD. Any help is appreciated.

Or should i install the manjaro to the SSD and then encrypt the HDD later and make it so it gets unlocked by the password stored in the SSD. However i heard that having all the main things on SSD shortens its life, as in, you should put some directories in SSD and then others in HDD.

240 GiB is too much for root, also having /home on HDD will make your boot times slower as HDD will need mounting on each boot. My suggestion will be to make 70-100 GiB root, rest as /home. Use your HDD as a data drive and edit videos off it.

This isn’t the case with modern SSDs. They last quite long, plus they’ll give you faster boot times. Also you can edit your videos off the SSD, it’ll be faster (don’t quote me on that I am speculating). Rest the games and stuff goes on the HDD.

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Thank you very much.