Manjaro install on MacBook Air

I try to install Manjaro on my old MacBook Air ( 2015) but before installation
i replace harddrive to SAMSUNG 970 EVO. After installing the system, the macbook is unable to boot. A flashing folder is shown. Have any of you had a similar problem and solved it?

Please, could you be more specific?

How/did you format the hard drive before installing Manjaro? A flashing folder or question mark on a Mac means it cannot find a startup drive. My half-educated guess would be that an EFI partition that the Mac can read at boot is missing or not configured correctly.

I haven’t installed Linux on a Mac in several years, but when I did, I just dual booted with MacOS (it was OS X then) rather than start with a completely clean hard drive. In your shoes, I would install MacOS on your new hard drive first, and see how it partitions the drive.

From there, think through what you need to keep from the MacOS install to have a working startup disk. I don’t know without trying it myself–which I plan to do soon but probably not as soon as this weekend–but at the very least you will want to leave the EFI partition as installed by MacOS. The Manjaro installer will add its own startup files to it, but I’m about 99.999% sure it needs to pre-exist the Manjaro install for Apple hardware to have any idea how to deal with the new hard drive.

If you did install MacOS on the new hard drive, then, yeah, more info is needed on your particular install procedure.