Manjaro infrequently doubles / ignores letter "o"


so I have this issue for quite a while now and no update seemed to help so far.

After a fresh install of Manjaro KDE Plasma, my Keyboard sometimes prints double letters and sometimes ignores the keystroke. But only the letter “o”! It´s common, but unfrequently and there´s nothing in the Kernel-Log.

My Keyboard is a Logitech G910 Orion Spectrum and works absolutley fine apart from this issue.
Whats even more strange is, that this apparently does´t happen in WINE Programs, because it never occured there (though I haven´t typed enough to 100%ly confirm this).

(I will not correct the mistakes from here on, to show an “example”)

I´m on Manjaro Testing Branch with Kernel 5.17.1, but it alsoo occurs in all versioons of Kernel 5.16 and in the versioons of Kernel 5.15 I´ve had installed (currently 5.15.32).

As I haven´t found anything comparable online yet, I´m asking here now if anyone has had such an issue befre.

Thanks in advance for answers!

Do you have a spare keyboard? To test if you still have the issue with that one.

Have you tried to change keyboard settings? Is it make any change to raise the delay time?

When keyboards start behave this way it usually a hardware issue.

It may need some cleaning - you have accumulated dirt under the key which makes it difficult for the key to return to an unpressed state.

Try the keyboard on a Windows PC if you have one. If the same thing happens, your keyboard is at fault.

Or any other computer, actually.

I’m sorry, but this is making me laugh more than it should. :rofl:

Thanks for your answers so far.

I´ve tested my keyboard now in different scenarios:

  • Manjaro live-iso (21.2.2) (same pc) → bug
  • Windows installation Media (21H2) (in notepad.exe, also same pc) → bug
  • different windows pc (also Win 10) → bug

So it really seems that it´s the keyboard itself. I honestly never would´ve guessed that by this really strange behavior :grimacing:

Anyway, as only one key is affected so far, I guess I´ll have to live with it for now.

Maybe anyone knows a program that can at least suppress the double typing?
It definitely happens more often and is much more annoying than the left out letters :sweat_smile:

It´s a mechanical keyboard and there´s no dirt whatsoever under the keycap.
I also can feel that the switch is triggered, when either no letter is typed, or doubled. There´s absolutely no difference in feel between correct typing and when the bug appears.

Sounds like a faulty switch.

Since it’s mechanical, if you can solder and find a suitable replacement, then you should be able to fix it.

EDIT: They seem to be Romer G tactile switches. I found some on amazon uk, looks like both linear and tactile, but I’m not sure which are which. Presumably you should be able to get them elsewhere too.

Keyboard product page


Thanks for the hint! A faulty switch seems to fit to the behavior.
Luckily I can get these switches in Germany too :sweat_smile:

I´ll try swapping it out :crossed_fingers:

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