Manjaro icons for Qogir-manjaro GTK theme

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This “Theme” is just a handful of icons expecting the theme Qogir-manjaro to exist. For those not familiar with this icon theme, it is a component of the Matcha GTK themes which is strangely missing in the community-maintained MATE desktop build. If this is also the case for your system, then install as follows.

:heavy_dollar_sign: In xdg-terminal or preferred terminal:

pamac build qogir-icon-theme

Primarily following instruction from this guide I recently posted, the provided theme does one thing, and one thing only: Add the Manjaro logo to the Qogir-manjaro theme by summoning it as a hier.


There are two versions of this theme: One which is upright, and one which is rotated clockwise 45 degrees. The rotated variant is for people who want to be a little bit different while still representing the system brand, and might go well with some of @Lunix’ wallpapers if his work is anything to go by


Extract tarball contents to $HOME/.icons per-user or /usr/share/icons for system-wide use.



Symbolic version included, but is linked from 128/places. Users of Brisk menu will see the logo but it will contain no colour as it seems like symbolic icons have colour data stripped from them.

I will probably add a proper markdown readme for GitHub later and link that instead.

If I can get either mate-tweak or the Mutiny layout to work 100% I’ll probably make a guide about that. You can help! Provide some input about that if you can aid with this!


Wikimeda Commons (as authored by Kulandru Mor).
Brandon Bachman