Manjaro Icon in gnome settings / info is missing since latest stable update


I have a rather unimportant question, but I was surprised when I noticed - as already stated in the title, the manjaro logo is missing on the info page of the gnome settings. Can someone tell me why that is? Does anyone else have this problem? It doesn’t matter which icon theme I use, it always stays the same. I am unfortunately not allowed to upload pictures or post links, so I cannot show what I mean. Maybe someone can still help me.

Thank you in advance!


What version of gnome-control-center you have installed on your system? From terminal:
pacman -Qi gnome-control-center

Copy and share that information, but please format it properly.

thanks for your reply. Unfortunately, I have not received a notification, so I am late in answering.

I found out that the package manjaro-icons was missing. After I installed, the icon was back as usual.

Many greetings and thanks!

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