Manjaro I3, post-install configuration bug

Hey, I hope you’re all doing great.

So I installed Manjaro i3, with the 5.6 Kernel, but after installing all I got was a black screen with the i3 Status bar on the bottom, I thought it was a conflict with a config I had made before, I deleted my old config file and reinstalled the System, the same thing happened, I tried formatting twice my root partition and rechecked for any i3 config files, none was found but the problem persisted, can anyone help me!?

NOTE: On live mode everything works flawlessly.
NOTE2: I tried installing another Manjaro i3 version with Kernel 5.8, but this version of the linux Kernel has issues with my hardware, it runs pretty slow, just to enter live mode it takes around 10 minutes if not more, and freezes when I try to install it.