Manjaro host running Gnome Boxes - cannot share folders/ files with guest

Hi everyone,
I am having trouble sharing folders between my host Manjaro KDE system

I am have been running Manjaro KDE on a system with 64gig RAM, core i7 6700 processor.
For years I have used Virtualbox to run an array of virtual machines, including Windows.

Recently I installed Gnome Boxes and installed a Windows virtual machine. I set up file sharing between my host system and the VM windows and it worked perfectly for one day. The next day, I ran a vm Windows 10 in VirtualBox to test/compare the operation with Gnome Boxes. I learnt that Gnome Boxes and VirtualBox cannot run at the same time. After I shut down VirtualBox, to my dismay, I found that GnomeBoxes was unable to share files/folders between the host Manjaro system and the Win10 vm.

Various forums recommended checking to ensure that spice-webdavd is installed. I have checked and it appears to be installed.

Does anyone have experience diagnosing and fixing this type of problem?

Thank you!