Manjaro Hello-Release Info has a few inconsistencies

I am on xfce Unstable here and Manjaro Hello just updated from 0.6.6-5 to 0.6.7-1. Under Release Info the top panel refers to Manjaro Pahvo 21.1.0, but the text references Manjaro 21.0 and Ornara in a couple of places.

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You’re right. It looks like the text under Documentation → Release Info needs to be updated.

@Ste74 can you shed some light on this?

Actually on xfce Stable I get in the pamac log upon every activity:
Warnung: manjaro-hello: Lokale Version (0.6.7-2) ist neuer als extra (0.6.6-8)

[Warning: manjaro-hello: Local version (0.6.7-2) is newer than extra (0.6.6-8)]

For version 0.6.7-2 pamac reports that it was created 17.Jul.2021 and installed 24.July.
On the project page shown in pamac Applications / manjaro-hello · GitLab under “Releases” the topmost is 0.5.11 “created 3 years ago”.
Maybe I should fetch the most recent Manjaro image and check, which manjaro-hello is current? Or should I just “downgrade” to 0.6.6-8?

When I started using Manjaro, “Hello” did give a good starting point for selecting applications for a purpose; meanwhile I rather use pamac search with a keyword… I came from debian-based Knoppix, which also suggests for many things several alternatives to try. The only issue with “Hello” that I remember was that for some categories the top recommendations in “Hello” seemed not to be aligned with the top entries in pamac categories - too much choice can also be a pain… - and once I had something installed from “Hello”, and either it was a different version than pamac had as most recent or it lacked some dependencies; it’s quite a while ago, but that was the trigger for me to stay with pamac for installing something and just look up “Hello” for ideas what might be useful for me.

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