Manjaro Hello always launches

So I may deleted a part of my home directory accidentally
managed to restore most of what broke

but now the “Manjaro Hello” screen always appear on startup and the “Launch at start” options does not do anything

any options?

rm ~/.config/autostart/manjaro-hello.desktop
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It’ll take a reset for me to test this
but when I checked the .config folder was owned by root user, so no surprise that when I pressed the button nothing happened…
thank you!

NEVER use sudo in your Home directory. See why? :wink:

Obviously not. Apparently you did a lot more than deleting things. Since you haven’t bothered to tell us what, we won’t bother to help you troubleshoot the result of bad practices. It would be a fruitless endeavor

Let this be a lesson, learn from it and start over. :wink:

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