Manjaro heading to proprietary direction -RANT

I’ll first start with.

why would somebody add these proprietary things,

  1. Onlyoffice
  2. vivaldi

I heard some answers that

Developer must fan of that program, so he decides to put in manjaro

Manjaro is heading to Ubuntu direction which was in 2013 , where it introduced Amazon, data gathering and alot . I’m sure in future , not just tomorrow or next day, Manjaro will add that features.

I’m pretty sure , manjaro would add google chrome, edge or very harmful proprietary stuffs like audacity if developer decides too :unamused: .

I was moving from pop to manjaro, I installed , found this stuffs, I’ll never return to manjaro again in my life , like what i did with ubuntu year ago.

This pretty cool right :frowning:

Manjaro direction these days is like very very convenience to user, forgotting whatever the stuff they put into it.
I’m sure, my topic will be removed or closed once is post it , but please think about this.

I’ve also found these stuffs

But i dont hate manjaro, i hate the direction they are going to.

You do realize there are multiple spins, community and official editions, versions of editions (minimal?), and things like Architect for a cli-build-up install, and the ability to build your own ISO?
For example, my install has never had vivaldi on it … before, during, after installation.

Your other statements are … stretching at best.

Besides your ‘developers will do what they want’ … because that is true.
A given maintainer of a given spin may decide to include one thing or another… thats how this always works.

All in all, I am not sure you quite have a handle on all these things you are “ranting” about.
(as shown by statements like " ReactOs (foss windows ) which is opensource version of windows")

And neither does that overplayed ‘manjarno’ thing - “oh they hold packages back” “oh the AUR might not work in all circumstances” … eh … extremely dated, inapplicable, FUD, childishness, (purposeful?) ignorance, trolling? who knows … but its still pretty dumb. At least they finally removed the crazy stuff about distrowatch bots … probably realized it made it too obvious the thing was overblown hot garbage.


manjaro-cinnamon-21-1-2-shipping-browser-vivaldi/81868 It was on cinnamon version ,.

but Onlyoffice is what i got in manjaro gnome version.

So … you are complaining about a version that isnt even official then.

I dont see whats so terrible about onlyoffice … but … uninstall it or use the minimal edition or architect then.


Doesnt official version contain those Onlyoffice and proprietary stuffs?
I’ll see if it is :thinking:

Manjaro has never been or claimed to be a FOSS or FLOSS only distro.

Otherwise … no nvidia drivers, for example.

Yes … but not in the ‘minimal’ versions, or if you do any other form of custom install.



Those proprietary drivers is necessary for fully functioning, we have no other choice, nouveau is just crappy. But that doesnt mean vivaldi cinnamon or Onlyoffice are best we have good and more than good foss alternatives such as brave.

So that means, Manjaro can add google chrome or Onlyoffice or proprietary like things if they want .


I rest my case.


Last I checked, the install media do contain Softmaker Office, but ─ and this is important ─ one is being offered a choice of whether to install that, or to install LibreOffice instead.

Also, there’s a reason as to why it’s included, which is that Manjaro has partnered up with Softmaker, the company that creates Office, and it is thanks to Manjaro’s intervention that the freeware version of Office isn’t as crippled as the Softmaker developers had originally made it.

Furthermore, Manjaro is also partnered up with other companies, among which hardware manufacturers.

As @cscs has stated, Manjaro has never claimed to be an ideological distribution. It is a distribution with the focus on stability and usability. It may not be your thing, but I personally find your rant unwarranted.

P.S.: Google Chrome is still not in the Manjaro repositories. The Manjaro repositories carry Chromium, which is the Open Source platform that the proprietary Chrome is built upon. We do have many members who are using Chrome, but then that is installed from the AUR, which is not controlled by Manjaro ─ nor by Arch, for that matter.


aumm ok. thanks

I think manjaro at least give a user choice installing proprietary i mean (those vivaldi, onlyoffice) (not those most required such as wifi drivers because we dont have choice in it) while installing, and shouldnt contain those by default. If these things would go further, dont you think manjaro would add other proprietary things if any company sponsors too. :thinking:

I think it is usable distro except those proprietary softwares removed. hope manjaro wouldnt go to what ubuntu were doing years ago, Adding proprietary things, company sponsorships , Clearly shows the path manjaro is going to .

But that doesnt mean i hate, you @cscs @Aragorn anyway Thank you contributing to opensource GNU/linux , I really appretiate for your work. :slight_smile:

Have a great day.

No, there are no plans of ever forcing anything proprietary upon the users, and unlike with Ubuntu, the Manjaro developers are actually open to feedback from the community. Among other things, that’s why the freeware version of Softmaker Office now includes the ability to save files. It was @philm’s moderation on behalf of our users which did that.


Ok, that’s fine and one of the advantages of free software.

What I don’t understand is the fact why you feel the need to tell anyone about your decision in a quite negative and aggressive tone.

Why do you think that your opinion is so much more important than all the others?

If the points you have mentioned were so bothering for a lot of users, then why this isn’t reflected in the forum?

One answer might be that everyone is either fine with it and/or simply change their system and software according to their needs.

The fact that the moderators took the time and effort not only to talk your through the numerous misconceptions you had (or still have) about Manjaro, but also disproving your

statement, speaks a lot FOR the way Manjaro including the forums handles their matters.

I think no one is against constructive criticism, but your initial post is in my opinion simply some childish BS.

By the way, I deliberately use FreeOffice (even before it was standard on the ISO) because it works so much better when using it on both Manjaro and Windows systems and I also use Google Chrome, because it simply works best for my needs and Google owns me anyways.

That doesn’t mean that I would recommend these things for everyone else, but again, it’s your choice, the ISO just a starting point and if that doesn’t work, then just go somewhere else.


Most spins are community editions and the maintainers will add/remove the apps that they like to use.
As long as there’s no spyware and you can remove/install any packages you like then what on earth is the big deal? You can always do a minimal install on most spins and have zero bloat, it’s not like windows where you can’t even remove a browser ffs


You would actually promote Brave over Vivaldi? Lets get real here Brave claims to be privacy centric but has an ads rewards program and doesn’t remove various privacy invasive components that Google has added to the code, whereas Vivaldi has no ads rewards program and has not included certain code in Vivaldi because it is to privacy invasive. If Manjaro was planning to make any browser the default for all their official releases Vivaldi makes far more sense. As for the office suite no big deal to remove it after install and replace it.

That is exactly the problem why companies don’t choose Linux to get their software on to. Linux Distributions, at least few of them, aim to go mainstream. Elementary OS even has a developer platform and a pay what you want model successfulky established.

And this will come with proprietary software too. There is high demand to get known working proprietary software to Linux so people can make the switch. And there will be also the day that Microsoft might support Linux with their Office installed natively.

Google-Chrome is not in our repositories, as you may need to create a contract with Google and ask them to be permitted to redistribute their software. For Nvidia, discord, CrossOver, Softmaker Office and other software we have that.

So some should wake up and accept the new real. We as a company will continue to create partnerships with interesting projects and companies which makes sense to our customers and user community. You’re always free to do your own respin as many already do, choose the minimal installation media’s or even bootstrap your installation.

I’m getting sick of those comments, problems and things few of our user community post. If you dislike something you’re free to remove or uninstall any software we provide.

So ya, we provide a free Linux OS, we also provide paid services, hardware, merch and other things. Why do people always thìnk that some of us just do it for fun, as a hobby? We already passed that stage years ago.

So ya, you stated that you won’t continue to use Manjaro based on your own opinion. So you had your second of fame. All good. Wish you all the best to find a more suitable Linux Distribution wich matches better to your needs.


You are totally right, some propriety softwares are necessary for some users, so they should exist on Manjaro repos, and this will also reinforce partnership with many big companies to keep helping and funding the team. This model is the most used now by many open source projects, because the continuity of the project depend on it, so either provide premium paid version of the product or provide extra paid services or at least get external sponsors.

Exactly this :point_up_2::point_up_2: