Manjaro has big problem with Pamac

latest stable branch Pamac crashes if one selects optional dependency while installing any pkg
i wonder nobody using Pamac-Gtk 11.7.0-1 in Manjaro Connunity yet?

Manjaro Vulkan 23.1 released with broken Pamac without testing?

Same as ?

Could this be related to the fact that in the latest release of ArcoLinux (v23.12.03) pamac was changed to octopi?

… I cant see how that would affect pamac.
If you mean whether this bug influenced that decision… you would have to ask the Arco people.

We only ship Pamac-GTK in version 11.7.0 in our Gnome Edition. Plasma and XFCE still ship the older version 10.6.0. We will look into the issue with optional dependencies, though.

Those who have issues with 11.7.x series can checkout 11.6.1. A PKGBUILD can be found here: Files · stable · Packages / Extra / pamac · GitLab

Not intentionally - a lot of testing is done but sometimes non-obvious issues occur.

And from my many years of software development (custom applications) I can say - end users do interact with the application in ways the developer didn’t think of …

That is not a bad thing - it made me think more like an end-user and try to predict what actions I need to look ahead for.

11.7.1 fixes the issue.

Thanks for fixing it
this issue was previously posted by someone but that conversation goes to "use commandline to fix optional dependency " , “i dont care about optional dependency” etc so i posted it here

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