Manjaro has bangs

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Maybe you are already familiar with duckduckgo bangs, maybe you aren’t.

Lets go over them real quick:

  • Whether you browse to or have it set as default search in your location bar or in a secondary search bar you can make use of !bangs.
  • They are an easy way to search directly in a specific service.
  • The syntax is !bang searchterms

To perform a google search: !g searchterms
To perform a google image search: !gi searchterms
To search the arch wiki: !archwiki searchterm
To search the AUR:!aur searchterms
And many many more. You can find all of them at DuckDuckGo !Bang.

And Manjaro has its own bangs!

To search the forums:

!manjf searchterms

To search the wiki:

!manjw searchterms


Since lmddgtfy exists we can see this in action:!manjw%20configure%20graphics%20cards!manjf%20how%20to%20provide%20good%20information


Thanks @cscs, I’m gonna use those.
Nearly the best thing since sliced bread.

Of course not … that would be toast :wink:


Can also use:

!aw searchterm

yes … they got in early …
!pkg searches arch repos :wink:


Kind of defeats the purpose of using duckduckgo to begin with. Directly from their website they say:

Remember, though, because your search is actually taking place on that other site, you are subject to that site’s policies, including its data collection practices.

That is if privacy is your reason for using duckduckgo anyway.

Not really.
It only means that for whatever site you use.
If, for example, ddg is your default then its still ddg …
And since you are on this forum I assume you are OK with manjaro’s privacy policy. How would using ddg + manjaro bangs ‘break’ that?
Besides … the point isnt privacy … the point is that theres an easy way to quickly search manjaro resources …

I personally find it pretty useful to have things like !w mikhail bakunin go straight to the wikipedia page instead of looking up wikipedia, etc. And having the same at my fingertips for a etymology lookup, etc. And I would assume that if someone wants to make a google image search then they would find that useful too… that option existing doesnt hurt you or any other user at all. They are just shortcuts that can be useful - its good ddg is up front about how it works so that you dont think you can use bangs to skip googles tracking, etc …
but … this thread isnt about that.
its not about bangs.
its about the fact that there are manjaro bangs.

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Yeah, really. You’re FIRST example is !g to do a search on google. If type !g into your duckduckgo url it redirects you to google and google performs your search. Therefore that search is then tracked to you just as if you had gone to and performed that search yourself. So it does EXACTLY that and removes the benefit of using duckduckgo in the first place.

I get it, the point of this post was to say that someone from the manjaro team has registered some “bang!” prefixes and doing so will allow you to search the manjaro forums and wiki directly from duckduckgo if it is your start page but using !g as your leading example wasn’t a good idea. The fact being if you use the !manjf or !manjw !bang shortcuts it would be like searching on those sites directly anyway (just quicker and more convienent) which I’m sure people trust at least to the point that they use the forums to begin with.

I was just pointing out that before people think that they still have their search privately being made that is an incorrect assumption and to make sure they trust the destination fo the !bang they are using was my only point here.

If you dont want to search google … then dont use that bang?

As your quoted page attempts to make clear.

Nowhere in this thread is it said otherwise.

The examples were … examples.

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What is it?

Since ddg is my default browser, in the address bar I type the SEARCH_TERM and then site:SITE

Then use the !sp bang: StartPage uses Google’s search engine in the background but anonymises requests for you (and removes the ads).

cc @cscs

Better than sliced bread; I am multigrain-artisan-loaf-baked-by-ancient-naked-hippies bread fan!

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lol, I actually just use startpage as my normal search engine, no need to “bang it”

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