Manjaro GUI Freezes Randomly after a while of usage

I’m dual booting manjaro with windows 10, I’ve done this before on different desktop with an intel graphic card and it worked just fine but on my new laptop that has an intel graphic card 630 + nvidia 960m I’m experiencing random GUI freezes that occur after awhile of usage or on specific menus like “application style”, its worth mentioning that im running a 2 screens set up and some GUI stuff gets fucked (like my latte dock background) each time i switch to a one screen set up by unplugging the hdmi cable.
currently running kernal 5.9.16-1 and the recommended hybrid prime drivers
btw I’m a total noobie when its about manjaro.

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Intel have crappy open source drivers at all (switching to UXA instead of SNA should do better, but not always works)
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NVIDIA F&CKED up at all (taint license) and at end Manjaro Devs dropped support for OLDER GPUs chips from NVIDIA at all and you need to forcing using nouveau if any.


Thank you for explaining that stuff to me I found a solution tho the whole issue turned out to be a pcie port error being reported none stop by the kernel causing the system to freeze and crash eventually, I fixed it by adding pci=nomsi to grub, worked perfectly and the system is running without any issues now

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