Manjaro gnome vm spice + wayland performance issues

I am running Manjaro Gnome vm on Proxmox (qemu/kvm). Wayland is enabled.
Spice connection to the vm causes huge window rendering delay. Spice + x11 no such kind of issues. Tried Arch Linux + Gnome/Wayland with the similar result.

Simple, wayland is still not ready for what you want, hence x11 is the way to go for now.

Yes, I agree that I can use x11, but just wanted to know if there is some known Spice-Wayland incompatibility issue. When I connect to the vm via noVNC (console), Wayland works with no issues.

Found this bug report:

I have just tested ‘Ubuntu on Wayland’ on kvm server (Ubuntu 20.04 server) with Video Virtio, not QXL. And it resolved those my problems spice/qxl/wayland related. Didn’t try Manjaro on that server, yet, but I think it should help as well.
But, unfortunately, I do not see how it can be implemented on Proxmox which has SPICE/qxl only. Virtio-GPU will not enable SPICE server in the guest VM (at least not automatically).

Ok. Figured it out.
In Proxmox (a vm configuration file):

args: -spice 'port=5001,disable-ticketing'
vga: virtio,memory=128

spice://proxmox-host-ip:5001(Windows Remote Viewer - a Spice/VNC client)

QXL driver is xorg driver xf86-video-qxl. That is why, I believe, it doesn’t work properly in Wayland.