Manjaro Gnome stuck while loading

Hello, I have an issue that happened after a clean install on a ThinkPad T15p .
It gets stuck while loading after choosing an entry from grub .
Not sure what can cause this but I suspect the Nvidia driver … I managed to load for one time by pressing Ctrl+Alt+F1 then I reinstalled the Nvidia driver again then booted and it loaded just fine for one time and I had to reboot it stuck loading again .
I tried Endeavor OS but I had no issue with it but I prefer Manjaro .
Any suggestions will be appreciated


  • in case of Gnome DE i always enable the early KMS as is not doing funky things that way
  • also in case of Gnome i remove gdm-plymouth and install normal gdm and i remove plymouth from /etc/mkinitcpio.conf HOOKS line and then i run:
    sudo mkinitcpio -P
    sudo update-grub

See if that helps and let us know.