Manjaro Gnome stuck at boot

I installed manjaro Gnome on laptop recently(multiple times).
It gets stuck on boot (from SSD), afer initial setup.

When trying to boot for second time, its stuck on the boot screen after grub menu.
Other KDE version works fine tho.

I can still access the grub menu.

Please help me fix it.

Grub menu:

Stuck at:

I can also access tty



but no keyboard

Update 4:
found a bypass trick
gets me in
please help me fix it if it means something

Changed to lts kernel

Hello, may you tell me how you did that? I’m having a similar issue but I don’t know how to change kernels in tty mode.

can you get to command line?
use mhwd to install linux54.

Boot in linux54 from grub menu during boot → remove other kernel

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