Manjaro Gnome sometimes hangs during boot

I’m running Manjaro on a laptop with the 5.14 kernel, fully updated. I have an Nvidia graphics card but its set to boot with the built in Intel graphics.
Occasionally when booting, it hangs with just the manufacturer logo and its not possible to get a terminal with Ctrl-Alt-F2. Hitting Ctrl-Alt-Del reboots and is usually successful in bringing up the logon screen.
A quick look through the journal indicates its a problem with the X-server not starting up as there is an error “addscreen/screeninit failed for driver 0”. why doesn’t this end up with a terminal login?
It doesn’t look like a configuration problem as it usually boots up OK, sounds more like a race condition.
Anyone had a similar problem and have any hints on diagnosing/fixing?

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There are some threads on the forum with similar issues, there might be some solutions or diagnostic steps to use from these threads. Looking through the 2nd posts with common solutions in the announcement threads could be enlightening.

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The part around the failing X-server (systemd & Xorg logs) and inxi output should give users a good idea what is failing and offer suggestions and remedies.

Symptoms are very like [Solved] X server sporadically fails to start / Newbie Corner / Arch Linux Forums so I’ve implemented Early KMS start as detailed in Kernel mode setting - ArchWiki.
I’ll report on whether this fixes it (so far so good).
If it does fix the problem is there anything that could be done to prevent others running into this problem?

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Still booting without problems so I guess this fixed it.