Manjaro Gnome fresh install Gnome-Online-Accounts no options

gnome-online-accounts no any option too choose, reinstalling package is not help

(pacman -S gnome-online-accounts gvfs-goa )

This post might lead you to an solution.

if not post the terminal output as text so we have something to look at. A picture can tell more then a thousand words, in this case it tells us nothing.

Edit: reinstalling should never ’ solve’ these issues, since the config is not overwritten with the command posted and if this magically solves the issue the storage you are using is failing

Thanks a lot is work for me i run env WEBKIT_FORCE_SANDBOX=0 gnome-control-center online-accounts

and have:

/usr/lib/gnome-control-center-goa-helper: error while loading shared libraries: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory

So I just reinstall package webkit2gtk-4.1

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