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I’ve downloaded Manjaro 20.1 ISO (Gnome) and installed it on my system. On the first boot, the theme was dark. By that I mean background of terminal, files, settings were black. However, I navigated to Manjaro Hello -> Gnome Layouts Manager -> Settings, and turned on Automatic Dark Theme. I did that by mistake as it was probably already dark, so I turned it off again immediately. This immediately switched everything to light mode for everything. Even if I turn it on once again, I can’t see any changes.

I hoped that there will be section in settings to turn on dark mode always (or time based), but failed to find it. I made a few web searches, but didn’t understand what was the problem with this and how to solve.

If some of you kindly help in solving this issue, it’ll be very helpful. There are some guides in some places to download new themes, but I’ll prefer to use a built-in option, if any. The main reason for that is I tried to install one theme end of last month, and was instructed to use Gnome Extensions. I don’t know what happened, but that just didn’t open and somehow my whole installation got corrupt and I had to reinstall. So I’d like to avoid that route if possible.


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Open gnome tweak tool , select Appearance and select Matcha-dark-sea as your application theme. That should set it back to dark.

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Another option: open the extensions app, navigate to automatic dark theme settings. It has comprehensive options for this.

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