Manjaro Gnome 21.2.6 kernel 5.15 and upgrade to 5.17 ( ryzen 9 5900hx)

Hi …
I am new in the manjaro world, i am coming from ubuntu world.

I have just installed manjaro 21.2.6, it’s using kernel 5.15, it working perfect, but i need to support better my mobile ryzen 9 5900hx processor. In this kernel i have 3 working modes of the cpu ( Performance, Balance, Power saving).
I have upgrade from “pacman” the latest kernel 5.17 series, now i have wifi support (realtek), but in the cpu mode selector i have only ( Balance and Power saving) no Performance mode anymore …
It is possible to add this mode ?

I think it’s a kernel problem, because in Ubuntu i have the same problem …

Best regards.

The “performance” mode is only available on select
systems and is implemented by different “drivers” based on the system or
systems it targets.