Manjaro Gnome 21.1.4 pahvo apps have no permission to create dir

I want to use vscode for C programming. When vscode needs to create files by itself:EACCES: permission denied. The same situation occurs when Typora sets the pandoc path to open the folder. I have used the chmod command to change the permissions of the folder to 755.

What is the folder path that gives an error ?

Root directory /usr/ folder. Pandoc is in the folder.

Well, that’s normal that permission is denied if you want to work in root…

Why don’t you use a work folder in your home folder?

But the pandoc executable file is in the usr folder.

I want to know exactly where the path of pandoc should be set, in the home directory. local still refuse access.

Can’t you create by example a dev folder in your home, with inside a pandoc directory, a python, a rust one, depending on what you’re working onto, and set the paths accordingly in vs code?

I’m not a developer, I don’t know the best practices. I’ll add some tags in your thread in order to gather other people.

By standard, you do not have modification rights to files outside your home folder. Superuser privileges are necessary for that, and shall hint that such modifications ought to be exceptional.

While developing, installed libraries and applications should be available through $PATH without requiring superuser privileges. Also, it is better practice not to develop directly is system repositories.

Why do you need to point your workspace to system folders?

My tTypora cannot automatically detect the pandoc installed on the system. I can only set the path manually, but I can only search for pandoc’s executable file in the /usr/folder of the root directory.
The problem with vscode has been solved, thank you!