Manjaro generic does not boot on Odroid N2+

Hi, I have a Odroid N2 and N2+. The N2 is now used for Home Assistant. Now I want to install Manjaro on the N2+ on eMMC. I downloaded the generic version of Gnome and KDE because there is no version for the N2.

I used Balena Etcher to copy the image to the eMMC and mount it to the N2+. But it doesn’t boot at all. The N2+ boots an older installation of Manjaro Sway from the N2 on SD Card. It also boots the Ubuntu Mate that was originally on the eMMC.

What’s wrong with the Manjaro Generic?

It will be helpful to say what’s wrong after looking at the boot logs.

I hope your device have petitboot on spi cause generic image doesn’t have bootloader instead it rely on petitboot from spi.

Kindly share more details about the boot process or logs for me to understand what is happening.

That might be the reason. I tried to boot directly from eMMC, but nothing happens. Not even the screen turns on.

The N2+ has petitboot, but I wasn’t able to boot Manjaro from eMMC with petitboot