Manjaro generic does not boot on Odroid N2+

Hi, I have a Odroid N2 and N2+. The N2 is now used for Home Assistant. Now I want to install Manjaro on the N2+ on eMMC. I downloaded the generic version of Gnome and KDE because there is no version for the N2.

I used Balena Etcher to copy the image to the eMMC and mount it to the N2+. But it doesn’t boot at all. The N2+ boots an older installation of Manjaro Sway from the N2 on SD Card. It also boots the Ubuntu Mate that was originally on the eMMC.

What’s wrong with the Manjaro Generic?

It will be helpful to say what’s wrong after looking at the boot logs.

I hope your device have petitboot on spi cause generic image doesn’t have bootloader instead it rely on petitboot from spi.

Kindly share more details about the boot process or logs for me to understand what is happening.

That might be the reason. I tried to boot directly from eMMC, but nothing happens. Not even the screen turns on.

The N2+ has petitboot, but I wasn’t able to boot Manjaro from eMMC with petitboot

I can confirm this issue. The old manjaro images that had a custom image for every single device worked fine. The new ones does not boot from odroid n2. I installed the .img file (extracted the img.xz to just img) to the root of the emmc memory with dd. This is the way it always works. But sadly it does not work in this case.
A friend of mine reported having the same issue on his n2 with only manjaro and fixed it by creating an own boot.ini file in /boot/ . I dont know what exactly have to be done there.

It would be great if the generic manjaro ARM image would be able to boot. If the generic image cant provide a special bootloader because it should be working on every device, then a generic boot.ini file that lists the image in petitboot should help(seems to have helped for a friend).

I found out that the uuid is messed up in extconfig and fstab.

If you correct the uuid then it works.

I will try to fix this during the weekend.

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It appears this is an issue across all systems - even existing ones and not just the available images.

Last weekend my PinePhone with Plasma Mobile suddenly no longer booted after a restart (I had been running the Beta Edition image ever since I received my phone). I got some help was pointed to the “battery drained” case but that wasn’t the case since the battery was full and also working shortly before my phone failed. Jumpdrive and Manjaro on the microSD booted so the phone wasn’t broken as I assumed.

I tried several different things to avoid re-flashing my phone so I don’t lose my data but to no avail. I was able to pull a backup of the image and while analyzing that I saw something weird in cfdisk. The second partition (the root) was lacking the filesystem information (type, UUID and label). Strangely when I ran the phone with Jumpdrive everything on the partition appeared to be intact. Looking at the beta14 Plasma Mobile info that was the main difference I could see.

I could not check /boot for differences since I haven’t figured out yet how to view/mount the image and have access to files I am not allowed to see (I know I did that successfully several years ago but I couldn’t this time around).

I tried flashing the backup on the microSD and it didn’t boot. So I finally went with setting up a new system on the microSD suing the beta14 Plasma Mobile image. That was working fine but after I updated the system I experienced the exact same issue and it would no longer boot. So it seems some update is messing up the /boot of existing systems as well. I have not pulled a backup of that system to verify it since I was sick and tired after almost two whole days of restoring the phone and figuring out what went wrong.

The weird thing though is that I think I didn’t install any updates on my phone before that restart (after all it has been a while since the last updates were posted). It is possible that something happened in the backup.

I experienced something similar with a laptop also running Manjaro Plasma Mobile that kept losing its kernel image. That has been a while since that last happened.

This is a thread for amlogic soc based images.

Regarding pinephone /pro you should create a different thread.
As pico is not maintained it keeps breaking so we now have removed it as initial setup.

Will be updating the images soon.