Manjaro Freezes when logging in

Hi im using Manjaro with KDE and using KWin as a WM. I attempted to install bspwm as a new WM, but failed. Now when I reboot my laptop and attempt to log into Manjaro, the screen freezes and stays there. The only way I can access Manjaro is if I hit CTRL+ALT+F3 and login to my account through a text based console, from there I must enter the command “startx” to be able to get into my Desktop environment. Is there any way I can fix this? or do I need to do a fresh re install? Thanks for any help!


I edited your post so nobody will have to download the image, but have a preview of it, but please edit your topic again and share that information as formatted text, not as image.

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I just got the same issue.
For an unknown reason, the login stopped at" Reached target Graohical interface w/o notice

after Alt-Control-F2, I tried to launc with startx, but nothing works

any help ??