Manjaro freezes when connecting eDP/VGA display to RK3399 (Orange Pi 800)

I’m using Orange Pi 800 (RK3399) with latest Manjaro 23.02 after full system upgrade.

HDMI works perfectly well, as well as audio both in HDMI and in the headphones output (onboard speaker is not working).

The board has a VGA port that is used as an eDP display.
I can’t figure out why it’s not working.

When I’m doing xrandr it does show the EDP display as an option, but whenever I actually connect the display there - no display works afterwards (even the HDMI won’t return).

I checked again now by connecting via ssh to Manjaro to see what happens when I connect the display and i found out that once I connect the display, the systemd show “waiting…” in the ps aux window… and any attemt to do “dmesg” or “cat /var/log/syslog” are simply stuck forever… as if some main kernel module hangs indefinitely.

Anyone know how to help?

Could it be a power issue, not enough amps?

@digitaltrails It’s not power, i’ll explain.

I’m using Manjaro from an SD card. I still have the original Ubuntu image by Orange Pi installed on the EMMC drive. The VGA (eDP) works fine there.

Also when I first downloaded and installed Manjaro 23.02 (from the official manjaro download page) on the SD card everything worked fine.

It was only after the system upgrade that some additional things were installed or overwritten that caused the eDP/VGA to stop working. I checked the rk3399-orangepi-800.dtb file before and after the upgrade and it seems to be identical. I suspect it may be the linux-firmware upgrade that caused this, but i’m not sure.