Manjaro freezes and overheats [2]

Oh, just saw that! Thanks buddy. My bad.
BUt you said before 4.14, right? SO that would be 4.9, for instance?
And do I have to remove the other ones? Or it doesnt matter?

Here is what my shows…

You can try as many kernels as you want.
Just make sure to NOT attempt removing the current running kernel.
(boot into some chosen kernel, and you can remove the others as you wish)
You could have 6 or more kernels installed if you like.
A common strategy is to keep one known-working LTS kernel while you test with others.
(in my case … thats Latest-LTS+Latest-Stable kernels)

Hey, tested kernel 4.14, unfortunately didnt change anything :/.
I believe it is a hardware issue afterall…