Manjaro freezed completely, stuck at boot logo screen

I started installing yay package, it was VMware workstation 15, I left computer at ‘compressing package’ stage, I went to kitchen to make a food and when I came back I saw completely black screen, so it was suspended, when I moved the mouse nothing happened, only my RGB switched to on, nothing appeared on the screen. I restarted the computer but now it says ‘Lenovo’ and nothing else, what can I do? So it’s like bootloop or something, I waited 10mins and still nothing.

Kernel: 5.8… I don’t remember, but it’s latest stable version.


You can do a search for this by clicking on the mag glass icon and putting manjaro stuck at boot screen and you will have the solution. Also please post your Inxi info so support will know what type of system you have.

I would post a link to a possible answer, but the forum is not allowing me too.

Ok, that as weird, after a night when I turned laptop on it’s showed ‘failed to start light display manager’, i went to console mode and I reinstalled lightdm, after a reboot it shows blank screen, when I’m typing ‘startx’ it prompt about that it can’t find displays. I’ll paste inxi later, because I need to do something, I’ll paste it soon.

Maybe installing VMware workstation drivers broke the system?

inxi: CPU: Dual Core Intel Core i5-4210U (-MT MCP-) speed/min/max: 1402/800/2700 MHz Kernel: 5.8.3-2-MANJARO x86_64 Up: 3m
Mem: 208.3/7852.5 MiB (2.7%) Storage: 931.51 GiB Price 139 Shell: inxi 3.1.05

I searched manjaro forum but none of these solution worked for me, still says ‘Lenovo’

Ok, after a while of thinking I just realised that I destroyed the system, i JUST reinstalled it and now it’s working.

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