Manjaro for ARM boot issues

Hello everyone!

I’ve recently purchased the newest Raspberry Pi and have successfully installed Manjaro XFCE for ARM processors.

An issue that I am experiencing is during the process of boot up/reboot. I use the desktop remotely more than not, so when I reboot the device it will fail to reboot unless I have a physical monitor attached to it.

If I grab an extra monitor, connect a HDMI to Micro HDMI to it, then it boots normally. If I add said cable before I issue a hard reboot, nothing comes up on the screen.

I know that it has to have something to do with a configuration somewhere, so any help is greatly appreciated on this.

I think you may want to try this setting in your /boot/config.txt file:


As @0n0w1c said, you need hdmi_force_hotplug=1

but I believe the best way to force it into a resolution without anything connected to HDMI:

in /boot/config.txt


Then run tvservice -d /boot/edit.dat

Then you can add to /boot/config.txt:


Thanks everyone for the input. Sorry I’ve been away from this conversation, I will try your suggestions and report back here with the results. =)

One last question: Is there a way to ‘renew’ a boot config without necessarily rebooting the device?

The boot script only gets read by uboot during the boot process. By far the easiest and quickest way to get it re-read is to reboot.

Got it =)