Manjaro Eye Strain


I’ve installed Manjaro with dual boot. When I use the Windows, there is no problem with my eyes. But when I use the manjaro there is a really eye strain problem. I couldn’t fix it, really I need help.

Are you using the pc during the night?


This could be anything from your activities to theme choice to personal physical ailment.

What exactly is the issue?

Do you need higher contrast? Darker colors? Are your fonts blurry?

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The theming of Manjaro is the choice of the developers - it is not - by any means - meant as the definitive theming.

When we come of age - our imperfectness slowly makes our eyesight stiffer and as such our eyes lets too much light in - in my case I have to use darker themes for everything …

It sometimes helps to take a break for the computer … I know because I spend most days writing and testing computer code - designing databases etc.

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I guess his biggest problem is the default font-size…

PS: @linux-aarhus I use dark themes whenever i can also :rofl:

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I guess the problem isn’t reletated theme or my age…

I can use my windows OS without eye strain but when I change to Manjaro then I can’t use the OS because of the eye strain. This happens specially while using the browser and I’m already tried many browser but problem didn’t resolve.

Font is a important for this situation, I accept that but I’m getting eye strain just blank page too. Like google dashboard. Really I need help, I can not able to fix this.

Which Desktop environment are you using?
Me too can also suffer eye strain, and so I set a dark theme and fonts to better settings for my eyes.
Did you also checked the monitor refresh rate? Did you notice any flickering on the screen?

If you are on Xfce, you can check there, by opening these settings using the keys combination ctr+alt+p

I guess it is time for you to define what you mean by eye strain…
What is causing you discomfort exactly?

How can I explain this but I’ll try,

When I use the Manjaro my eye hurts after 5 minute. It’s happening specially in browsers pages (we can say white pages) but when I change to OS from Manjaro to Windows, there is no problem.

My resolution is 1920x1080 within 164 refresh rate. (I also tried 60 hz)

Sounds like you would like to enable Nightcolor (nightshift)

Eye strain is a part of my life now.
My eyes look like addict eyes.

Nightcolor helps tho.

Did you try to adjust the brightness and/or contrast settings on your monitor?
There must be some utility for that in Linux also, but i can’t remember it now…

It could also be because of the Font type used, which you should be able to change already.