Manjaro encryption after installation alongside with win11 (dual boot)


I am an IT student and I am new in Manjaro and trying to understand it and the whole linux concept.
I installed manjaro alongside with win11 on my computer. Now I want to encrypt Manjaro (the whole partition). Is it possible? if yes, how ? If not, what are the alternatives? And does it make a difference If I encrypt just the /home or I need to encrypt the whole System (/)? And What I need to encrypt at all? What is important and vulnerable?
Thank you in advance!


To encrypt existing unencrypted system follow this dm-crypt/Device encryption - ArchWiki but i would suggest to go trough that entire wiki.

Also, depending on how you set up BOOT, you might have some surprises when Win11 gets updated … Most of your questions will get you answered in the wiki.