Manjaro doesn't recognize my Kindle

Hello, how’s everyone doing?
I have Manjaro KDE on 6.1.19-1 kernel. I am trying to share some books to my Kindle Paperwhite 10 with Calibre, but when I connect that tablet Manjaro doesn’t recognize it. Any ideas on how to solve this?
Thanks in advance.

Hello @milenasol and welcome :wink:

So you use KDE, therefore Dolphin is your file manager. Maybe check if kio-extras is installed. kio is an access abstraction, which means it handles special protocols. My guess is that your kindle book uses MTP for transferring e-books.

Okay, it wasn’t installed. I did it but it still doesn’t recognize my Kindle.

Install CX File explorer from the appstore and use the network tab to connect to your PC. I have samba installed and configured as well. You should be able to copy between kindle to PC and transfer files from PC to the KIndle via wireless. I haven’t had any issue with USB cable either. You do need to enable Developer Options on the KIndle, possibly. You may also have to grant access on the Kindle to have Manjaro see the Kindle file structure.

xfce/thunar here.

maybe kio-fuse? Sorry, I don’t use KDE. Normally I use gvfs as backed on nautilus, pcmanfm or thunar. So there it is gvfs-mtp.