Manjaro doesn't need nomodeset but Arch does

I have installed Arch on a system that previously ran Manjaro just fine, however for Arch to display anything after GRUB I needed to pass nomodeset in the kernel options for both the installer and final install. What does Manjaro do differently that prevents the need for nomodeset? I am using an RX 480. This happens for both LTS kernel and latest kernel.

It’s probably a difference in how the kernel was configured. You can view the configuration of the running Manjaro kernel with… :arrow_down:

zless /proc/config.gz

You can then compare that to the way Arch configures its kernels.

If you want, then you can save the configuration to an uncompressed text file that you can open from within your Arch installation in order to compare it to the Arch kernel. :arrow_down:

zcat /proc/config.gz > ~/manjaro-kernel-config.txt
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Looks like Manjaro is no longer working. I tested the system with a different monitor (TV) and everything works now? I guess it is something to do with my HDMI → DVI adapter or the monitor itself, which is weird because everything was working before, and I have made no changes to the setup.

Fixed by unplugging power cord and DVI cable from monitor, and then plugging them back in…

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