Manjaro doesn't log into desktop with Xorg

Just reinstalled Manjaro yesterday cause Wayland is like a pain in the ***. I didn’t find any solution for this problem, Manjaro goes to Wayland from Xorg on by own, on layout manager the Wayland Session shows toggled on but I never touched it. Then how this thing is happening? It doesn’t boot to desktop with Xorg after wards. I did select Xorg from GDM menu but it reverts back to GDM again, doesn’t log into desktop until I select Wayland.

You should make clear that your are going to use Gnome. Don’t let us deduct major info from side notes in your post like that you use GDM menu. :wink:

Also, have you read this thread already, it might contain maybe helpful information:

Sorry, forgot to add that Gnome tag.
I read it but this thread doesn’t contain any solution to my problem.

Last time when I checked my desktop session it showed X11. Then how did this happen on by own, I’m not getting it. Does it mean that I’ve to reinstall and configure everything again? I don’t have a snapshot of yesterday’s installation.

I’ve fixed the problem. All I had to do was create a new user and login using that users credential. Seems like the problem was in my /home directory. There was a faulty configuration file I guess, don’t know which one and didn’t bother to find out, I just created a new user moved necessary config/files to that user directory and logged in. Boom! It worked, now I’m on X11 and there is no more issues like GDM reverting.

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