Manjaro doesn't display after turning display on and off

so i use manjaro xfce, i have a problem with manjaro where my display is on working well and when it turns off and on manjaro stops displaying i tried the motherboard hdmi instead of my gpu’s (1050ti} and it didn’t do anything, and i always have to turn off my whole system to make it display

As in you turning it off? Or as in it going to sleep (due to inactivity)?

i mean when i turn off the display while the system (pc) is still on, it won’t display anything on the screen unless i reboot the system, also turning the screen off and on or plugging the screen and unplugging it doesn’t help either.

Does typing or moving the mouse bring the login prompt?

before that here’s the reason to why i turn the display on and off while the pc is on,

it is because of the electricity being unstable in iraq (where i live) and i’m running my system on top of a ups and the display isn’t plugged on the ups because it will drain the battery every time the power goes off

also i can interact with the computer like if i was watching a video before the display was turned off i can stop fast forward increase and decrease the sound but no matter what i tried it doesn’t display anything, not even a black screen.

This seems relevant:

You can probably work this out by setting display profiles, and enabling automatic configuration on connection.

i have automatic enabling to profiles and configurations, and even my driver is the invidia “video-invida” driver i’ll look into the thread you sent and report back

didn’t fix the issue

ok so i tried deleting all my display profiles reinstalled my gpu driver (my system is already up to date) made new profiles turned the screen on and off AND NOW IT WORKS!! THANK YOU INTERNET PERSON!!!