Manjaro does not screen share on Wayland

So… I know. Wayland isn’t nearly as compatible as XORG is yet. So I just want to know how to switch between wayland and XORG using gnome. I saw some people saying on forums that is simple as just switching it on the login screen, but this gnome version does not seem to show that.

any help?


On the login screen, click your username, then click the gear icon in the lower right to choose GNOME on Xorg for Xorg (X11) or GNOME for Wayland.

It doesn’t show any gear icon on my login screen

It will if you click your username first. See here for a visual reference: Configuring Xorg as the default GNOME session :: Fedora Docs

Yes. I clicked on my username and it didn’t show any gear icon or something related to any configuration

oh man… my bad. It does appear. but only in your first login after you start manjaro.

Right, it only shows on the login screen–not the lock screen. One must be logged out to switch. :wink: