Manjaro does not detect LPT printer

After going through Manjaro’s printing tutorial (installing manjaro-printer, enabling cups and installing graphical printer manager), I see nor the web CUPS interface nor graphical printing manager don’t detect my old but fully working lpt printer. It is Samsung ML-1210. None of these programs detect the lpt port as a printer port, this port is not considered as a printing port at all. But Ubuntu and Parrot OS detect my printer completely fine.

Parrot os screenshots:
Before turning on the printer(detects the port):
imgur .com/a/uiLzZwS
The printer is turned on:
imgur .com/a/Q0kU0Dz
As you can see Samsung ML 1210 appeared, Parrot OS detects this port, but in Manjaro this list item don’t appear. So is there a possible solution? Thanks in advance

You have not provided any real information about your system. I am going to take a wild guess that the driver package is not installed. It appears that you need

It is available from the AUR (Arch User Repository:) You can use pamac to install or in terminal:

pamac build samsung-unified-driver-printer

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