Manjaro default graphics vs Arch

I just recently changed from Manjaro to Arch on an old install because a hard drive died. I’ve noticed a couple of weird graphics issues that I had also encountered on a previous Arch install on a different system but never have had on Manjaro. So I’m curious what, if any, customizations Manjaro includes out of the box for improving the graphics experience?
My specific issues are black screen with moveable mouse cursor on waking from suspend (switching to TTY and then back to GUI “fixes” it), and glitchy performance with Citrix applications such that artifacts appear with every user interaction. I’ve noticed this on Arch with both Nvidia graphics card and driver and Intel onboard graphics with the i915 driver.

Manjaro is a polished Arch - IMO Arch is great - Manjaro does a notch better.

Look up the packages on and examine the content of the PKGBUILD.


Thanks for the response. I’m not really considering whether manjaro or arch is better, I’m just trying to learn what the manjaro team has done to make this paraticular issue better so that I can try to replicate it on my arch install. For instance if it’s most likely to do with the MHWD tool, I can probably recreate that, but if it’s some kernel customization I probably cannot.

It’s most probably some setting(s) which is mentioned in archwiki but automatically applied by Manjaro.

Either go over relevant archwiki pages or install both in a VM (or even better if you can test them on actual hardware) and compare settings/conf files.

I can appreciate the assumption that I haven’t read the wiki, but I’ve gone through every graphics and kernel page in there without any improvement. The only thing I’ve discovered is that the black screen on resume from suspend is not a graphics configuration issue but a but with the gnome screensaver (or xfce4-screensaver which I believe is based on gnome screensaver). If I suspend manually and then resume there is no glitch. The Citrix weirdness persists.

I believe I found the solution to the Citrix issue. While it did not seem to be the same problem, the fix in the [Arch Wiki for the i3wm full screen issue which I can’t link here appears to have solved my issues as well. So in the end my issues were not specific to systemwide graphics but application specific settings and bugs.

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