Manjaro Deepin20

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I installed Deepin 20 with sudo pacman -Sy deepin and then sudo pacman -Sy deepin-mail
How is it possible that manjaro deepin does not exist? It should be by default… @philm

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Well, maybe if Deepin wasn’t so broken. :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

There used to be a Manjaro Deepin community edition, but Deepin was so badly broken that @oberon gave up trying to fix it. The packages are still there in the repository, but there isn’t any Manjaro Deepin community edition anymore, and if you use the Deepin packages, then you’re basically on your own.



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Maybe Manjaro Deepin was broken with DeepinV15, now with DeepinV20 , Deepin works on Manjaro

I’m not saying that it doesn’t work. If it does work for you, then all the better. But for a large number of users, there were problems, and to a sufficiently large enough degree for @oberon ─ who was the maintainer of the Manjaro Deepin community edition ─ to stop trying to fix things.

Maybe in time, if Deepin proves to be more usable and stable now, then @oberon might decide ─ if he can still spare the time and the energy ─ to start releasing a Manjaro Deepin .iso again. When he decided to stop doing that ─ I think it was in late 2019 ─ he did not say that he wouldn’t ever be reprising it in the future. But in the end, it’s his decision, of course. :man_shrugging:

I have invited @oberon to this discussion. Maybe he’ll have something more to add to what I’ve already said. :wink:

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I also use Deepin DE with no major problem. It’s fast and efficient for me, so can’t talk for other people but I’d like it not to die. So maybe I can help maintain it? Anyone pointing me in the right direction would be appreciated (@oberon)


well as of this evening I am updating the manjaro install I have with 20 and it seems alot has been fixed. Iwonder if a new iso can be built for testing with the latest pkgs . as I would like to be abe to install fresh on a laptop withotu loads of updating

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This was only ever a community release, not official one. There is no obligation on maintainer to revive it.

And frankly, the current state of deepin still fluctuates. You are on manjaro stable so the deepin packages may be a little behind arch repos.

I just upgraded my archdeepin install today and compositing, which had been broken previously and then repaired in recent times, is broken again today.

This is just a fun install for me to check out deepin but frankly, if I were oberon I wouldn’t bother with trying to put together a manjaro deepin iso.


ps. I can t post link or photo.

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sorry, guys, but does it mean that there is a chance to have Deepin back on Manjaro again?

This was my best eve linux experience, don’t want to miss another chance.


There’s a manjaro deepin alpha released last week so I would assume the team aren’t going to drop it. The alpha has bugs but is definitely usable


Hi guys,

Is there any progress with this?


There was a recent release here.

cool, thanks

hi why almost 2 weeks no update
or only ones a week

big update today

but it did break some stuff

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