[Manjaro Deepin] Startmenu Editing

Hi guys,
got a fresh install of Deepin - but there are some empty entries for libreoffice that I cannot delete - at least I don’t know how. I installed libreoffice over snap - now the entries are double. One blank - one fully functional. What can I do? How do I edit the Deepin Startmenu?

You cannot edit the start menu directly as it gets generated automatically, so you probably did something weird to remove LibreOffice that the system doesn’t understand, so:

How did you delete LibreOffice from your system?


I never deleted it. I went to install it first from the AppStore. As that didn’t work I uninstalled it. But even in the AppStore the Icons were not present.
I think I need another way to uninstall the remains of the AppStore LibreOffice?!

What’s the output to:

pamac list | grep libreoffice