Manjaro Deepin Starter Kit

If you want to use the unofficial Manjaro Deepin, there are a few pitfalls to consider. The following are the necessary steps for a workable result:

  • Download the ISO from Manjaro Deepin - Browse Files at
  • Do all upgrades with command: sudo pacman -Syyu
  • Remove manjaro related settings: sudo pacman -R manjaro-deepin-settings
  • Install deepin version: sudo pacman -Syyu deepin-desktop-schemas deepin-kwin

At the time of this writing Manjaro Deepin is in a very unstable condition. This is due to the fact that Deepin is currently working intensively on version 20 and every time it updates the version, the changes often cause some things to break, others to work again and so on.

Therefore only recommended for users who like to test or are addicted to manjaro and deepin :wink:

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Are QQ and Wechat preinstalled on Manjaro-Deepin?

Nope, but you can easily install their packages from the AUR with pamac:

  • Available Wechat packages: electronic-wechat or even / deepin-wine-wechat
  • QQ packages: qq-linux

Couple notes:

  1. The older an ISO is, the more manual steps are required to successfully update it
    a) For example, 17.1.7 does not support current zstd packages
  2. That link doesn’t work (correct link)
  3. That is not the newest deepin ISO. At the time of writing, it is 18.1.3.

For future reference: if the deepin ISO is ever updated again, it will be listed here.

It is probably easier to install one of the latest ISOs (Xfce recommended, as it uses the same session manager) then install the deepin desktop with these instructions.

I would not recommend people to install such an old ISO, too many packages has changed.

The user can also just use architect to make their own deepin installation, so that they don’t have all of those other DE packages laying around in their system.

hi how too fix or make that login deepin thing go away
Did a full update but login dont seems too work
any tips

As described in the first post of this thread, this two points fix that issue:

that works
got deepin back again
dont like the standerd linux distro s
aplle got a good looking os deepin comes close too it
deepin manajro good mix

New ISO available

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