[Manjaro-Deepin] [LibreOffice] Missing LibreOffice icons

Hi, after a fresh default install of Manjaro Deepin 21.1.2, I notice that LibreOffice programs have no icons on the launcher or dock

This will be annoying for a newcomer…

(Whether LibreOffice is installed during initial system installation or afterwars doesnt’ change a thing…)

Any clue ?

Have you tried with a different icon set? I t looks fine here with Adapta-Maia. I am running xfce though.

Yes, and it doesn’'t work - but it’s perfectly OK in other Manjaro flavours, its happens only with Manjaro Deepin…

Yeah, I have the same problem here. Some icon files or links somewhere have obviously not got copied over.

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I saw another message (much older) in the forum stating that .svg icons didn’t display correctly in Deepin.
I see that the LibreOffice package provides .svg icons, so, if the problem is still present, this might be the issue.
But if that’s the case it would mean that the Deepin desktop is incomplete and has obviously not been sufficiently tested / used by its own maintainers…
That would be enough from discouraging me from installing it for a little girl. It’s supposed to be easy and I don’t want her to fall on rough edges…

Yeah, still the best way to use Deepin atm is with the official distro. Hopefully things will improve with the Arch version v. soon…

Hi! I’m having the same issue. Not a big deal, but I like to have all icons well set up.

What I did to mitigate the problem was to edit the desktop files located on /usr/share/applications for each application. I downloaded and placed new icons in a new folder on ~/home and edited the desktop entry to look for the file in that specific folder.

For example, for libreoffice calc:

This works well when it comes to see the icon in the menu and also in the dock. But when I see the application switcher (alt+tab for switching between apps), there are missing icons for all LibreOffice applications.

Not sure what do to. :stuck_out_tongue:

Guess there’s no such thing I could do but just posting this here to keep alive the topic. lol