Manjaro Deepin installation

Hello everyone,
The question is - I can’t install Manjaro Deepin for some reason. When the installation starts, it never ends. I tried restarted the installation several times, but no result. Before that, I used Manjaro Gnome, everything was fine, and I felt it would be nice to try a different version. I thought the problem was my computer being overloaded with loads of programs employee monitoring systems, Reaper, several games such as The Luminous Underground and Mafia, MC teams). Still, my computer has enough memory, and I don’t think this is the problem. Maybe I should have some special settings installed before or during installation?

Which ISO was used? Latest was this one

I’m not sure which one, but definitely not the last one. I think the previous.
Should i try the last version?

I don’t know how old is the Deepin Manjaro iso. But you can download the latest from Gnome or KDE by ex. and use Architect to build your Deepin system with the latest packages versions.

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Yes it is worth to try, because to get the old version running, there are a bunch of specific tasks to do … and I can not recommend to do so anymore, as with the latest ISO mentioned above (20.2-pre1) things changed a lot.