Manjaro Deepin features?

Hi everybody,

I would like to test Manjaro Deepin on a 2-in-1 laptop. Is it true that the Automatic Rotation doesn’t work and the Onscreen keyboard is not available by default in Manjaro Deepin ?

What about the privacy of the Deepin Desktop ? No, problem ?


News: I have bug and issues with Manjaro Deepin, so I will go back to Gnome. I close this subject.

Please report the bugs so that they can be fixed. You can first report them here in the forum, and someone may be able to guide you where to report Deepin specific bugs (I don’t know that).


Can’t use FN keys for brightness under Manjaro Deepin 21.0.4.

Little issues or remarks:

  • The Deepin dock don’t have round corner.
  • I can’t set the date like this: JJ/MM/YY. Only YY/MM/JJ
  • It seems that Automatic rotation don’t work under Deepin DE. But I didn’t test it.
  • I think Manjaro Deepin is using Xorg rather than Wayland. Onboard works and is present in Manjaro Deepin. As Onboard don’t work under Wayland, I guess it is Xorg who is enabled by default.
  • I can’t change the theme of Manjaro Deepin. By default, the theme can’t be changed in Deepin20 (only icons and cursors can be changed) :frowning:
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OMG then the round corners it’s a bug? Thanks!

I close this subject because I come back to Gnome.

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