Manjaro-Deepin 18.0.4-rc (testing branch)



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Since latest packages of Deepin Desktop 15.9.2 appear to have stabilized after some initial hick-ups … I am now able to present a new ISO for download and testing.
This is a full image (minimal will be available again with the final release.
Some little adjustments have been made:

  • replaced gedit with deepin-editor
  • added deepin-voice-recorder, deepin-screensaver, deepin-turbo :sunglasses: and
  • added timeshift

Thank you for your input and feedback.


While i’m glad of this news, please be aware of this:

It’s active in current Arch and still is serious problem… :thinking:

That’s cool! :slight_smile:


Yeah, true… Maybe need to revert back to gedit for now :wink:

Originally I also wanted to include deepin-clone - but here, too, had to stick to timeshift because of this issue :laughing:
We’ll see if Arch wants to adopt the workaround. I don’t think we need an overlay package for that for now - also, my personal preference will after all be timeshift anyway… You want to use something really proven and reliable for these tasks, I guess … :sunglasses:


Yeah…Even though i really like deepin-editor and personally will still install it, i guess for .iso it’s better to stick with gedit :disappointed:

I doubt they’ll fix it very soon + also there is some problem with non-english languages (i’ve tested Spanish, Russian)

deepin-clone…Agree 100%, i personally wouldn’t count my life on this! :laughing:
Timeshift is definitely more tested and stable option, and most likely will ever be!

I’ll test rc on VM today, will report back if anything sticks out.



This depth of ocean wallpaper repeats 3 times in wallpaper reel )


I’ve tested on:
VirtualBox 6.0.4 / CPU 3,5 GHz x2 / VMSVGA + 3D 128 Mb / RAM 8 Gb / 16 Gb system drive no swap

  1. This 2 bugs (OP and my comment) + this bug are on this .iso

  2. Also i have this now:
    sudo journalctl -p3 -xb

    mar 11 00:01:49 x133-pc systemd-logind[404]: Cannot find the ESP partition mount point.
    mar 11 00:01:49 x133-pc systemd-logind[404]: Cannot find the ESP partition mount point.

    I don’t have this erors on exactly same conditions of VM wtih Manjaro Deepin from manjaro-deepin-18.0.2-stable-x86_64.iso which is fully up to date and Arch Deepin fully up to date.

  3. Those were new (also they vanished after installation of VirtualBox_Extension_Pack), but still maybe it’s worth mention:
    sudo journalctl -p3 -xb

    mar 11 00:02:24 x133-pc kernel: print_req_error: I/O error, dev sdb, sector 2176
    mar 11 00:02:24 x133-pc kernel: print_req_error: I/O error, dev sdb, sector 2176
    mar 11 00:02:24 x133-pc kernel: Buffer I/O error on dev sdb1, logical block 16, async page read
  4. Even though most hardcore of deepin-daemon issues seems to be vanished with updates, there’s still:
    sudo journalctl -p3 -xb

    mar 11 00:01:56 x133-pc daemon/dde-system-daemon[699]: main.go:90: failed to request name: name com.deepin.daemon.Daemon already taken
                                                                ->  proc.go:200
                                                                ->  asm_amd64.s:1337

    Which they’ve said is a warning, not an error, but 1 - beeper triggered due to new errors here may be caused by this.

    So if this is the case, i’d highly advice to wait / apply this patch which marks this as warning, not as system error for new .iso this will be a really good idea, because if someone will happen to have machine with beeper enabled (like DELL Precision 7730) and first thing user will hear after loading live / loading system will be insanely loud beeper at the very best he’ll have a heart-stroke, at worst he’ll hate Manjaro for sure :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:.

  5. Please make some effort to fix this it’s still Manjaro Deepin only bug
    here’s one way to reproduce reliably:

    Both Deepin and Arch Deepin doesn’t have this.

  6. This bug also is still here, and is super-annoying, i believe Arch also suffer from this, needs to be fixed.

Those i’d say are major / blockers for having proper .iso base, other that this i don’t see anything out of ordinary + there’s no wi-fi bug like with previous so it’s still somewhat better.

As you know i’ve found waaay more Deepin bugs than this, but not as hardcore :slight_smile:

Hope it helps, i’m still here for any help)

P.S. Also i’ve noticed that after installation, Output volume slider was defaulted visually to 0, though there was some sound like startup or delete files in Garbage bin…
But if you change it it will be ok after reboot, maybe some initial post-install deepin-daemon issue?

Have i downloaded correct link right?
Have no timeshift preinstalled in there…


For this bug, it’s a systemd bug that is not Deepin exclusive. See recent Testing announcements.

So far, it seems to have no impact outside of polluting the journal.


btw, for those who are concerned / interested in new Deepin file manager breadcrumbs style, feel free to dive in discussion / feedback thread


When I get time, I need to report a Deepin File Manager bug of it crashing when I click on my Dropbox bookmark.

Overall, though, Deepin is a really interesting DE and I’m enjoying using it on an extra laptop I have. Thank you all for all of the work and testing you are putting into it!


Now i’m having a really hard time in understanding why the hell new updates with all those known bugs above was pushed to Stable. :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:

This is very very bad way.

For example pretty system-level things like workspace / programs switcher is completely unusable, such updates will do absolutely no good for anyone who rely on Manjaro Stable as somewhat ‘safety level’.


Just when I needed something fresh! Thanks for your hardwork, again.


I’m hearing of this for the first time. Can you point me to this issue reported?
All the other topics you report about above are warnings/messages in journalctl - so nothing I would really be concerned about …


Please read my feedback in this exact thread it’s number 1. right here consists of 2 bugs report and couple more of duplicates on github, coz people on Arch get pretty damn mad about it and will get mad on Manjaro now too)

Real problematic part is this, where you can’t really use more than 1 Window but as far as understand them it’s some system-level problem, and can cause all kinds of issue when using this switcher feature…


Sure, but still this one is a problem, and i suppose it can’t easily be downgraded on single package level since it’s part of deepin-wm?


So will this be solved by downgrading deepin-wm? Or is it a problem of other packages?


deepin-wm is a single package …


No idea man, i hoped you would know it before update :smiley:

I think best place if you ask BLumia, Hualet, zccrs or felixonmars here as it was the first time it appeared on Arch or somewhere in internal discussion…

Probably just downgrading deepin-vm could be problematic, coz there was hell lot of changes lately, and they’re deep in the process of extending to possibility of using kwin as a new compositor…
So best to ask them directly, since i’m just good as a human-debuger :slight_smile:

One thing i can point out for sure - it was caused by some changes made 8 days ago that came out with Arch updates and they was immediately reported by felixonmars.

Wish i could help more.


Could you maybe try that for me?
Simply install package downgrade if you don’t have it installed, then run downgrade deepin-wm and choose an earlier version.
Alternatively you can simply install a previous version directly from your /var/cache/pacman/pkg/ with sudo pacman -U
That would help a lot. Otherwise I will have to try that later in vbox …


Sure, there’s only one thing i don’t get about downgrade, can you please point out where exactly should i set enviroment var DOWNGRADE_FROM_ALA = 1?

Nevermind, i have set pamac cache level to 1 anyway, so /var/cache/pacman/pkg/ have only last one i’ll use another VM to check)


I should be enough to run

sudo pacman ...

or you can include the export line in your .profile or .bashrc

On testing and unstable branch downgrade should work without any extra adjustment, afaik…