I have a NVME and some questions

I had some post much earlier, probably like 4+ years ago and i went to prison. I didn’t log in because of prison and I have a nvme drive and i was told that I have to do some stuff to make sure that it is set up correctly since it’s not a regular drive. I’d like to know if I have to set up something to make sure the nvme doesn’t flip out or if Manjaro does this automatically when installing?

Normally NVMEs work out of the box, but important is:

  1. Only AHCI works (No Raid or IDE)
  2. Trim your nvme regularly.

Solid state drive/NVMe - ArchWiki

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Is there anything to do this with buttons and clicking or just terminal?

No idea what you expect or think of…

NVMEs act like normal drives. Just install as you would do on a HDD or SSD.

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I meant is there anything to deal with nvme, ssd while on manjaro instead of using the terminal to do ssd stuff? I’ve already installed Manjaro and dealt with the wifi not working, installed the kernel headers and the necessary files from AUR to get the wifi working.

Ah you mean a GUI… no, there is no special GUI for SSD/NVME as I know. The default settings work good and stable. Just fstrim should be run periodically:

sudo systemctl enable --now fstrim.timer

Something you can do one time by terminal is to enable automatic SSD triming, after it will launching automatically, you can forget it :

sudo systemctl enable --now fstrim.timer

OUPS same time posting


shouldn’t he check first if his SSD supports Trim?

All SSD are supposed to have trim, same like all hdd have defrag

Things is just you have to do or enable-it, otherwise you reduce ssd life.


according to this,most SSD support Trim.

I did this so hopefully it’s all good. Thanks for the assistance.

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