Manjaro Deepin 18.0.2 nasty enter system without password bug



Good day everyone!
My first post in Linux journey, i’m really pleased with Manjaro experience so far)

Seem to find an easily reproduceable bug.

When i go to account & select option:
Enter system without password

And then Exit as user, instead of usual password screen there is Enter button, which does absolutely nothing, and also shutdown / reset options doesn’t work either, so only option there is to hard reset.

I reproduced it in VirtualBox, after real machine, it acts exactly same so i doubt it’s hardware or keyboard related.

Kernel 4.19.13-1 LTS

Not a big deal, since only i use this option anyway it seems, but still would be cool if there’s some fix :smiley:

P.S. Checked latest non-manjaro Deepin doesn’t have this though, after pressing Enter button just logs in as usual.


already an existing thread for this issue.

also: i could be wrong but i think they released another deepin iso that fixed this


Oh ok, would be cool then. Then hopefully manjaro will update it soon…

But at the same time i enountered different problem than this video (seen it btw).

Maybe it’s connected, but still, mine is that:

  1. [v] Enter without system password
  2. Logout
  3. On attempt to login - can’t do absolutely nothing except hard reset:
    1. Enter button is completely inactive doesn’t matter if i wait or how many times try
    2. Change user do nothing like in video (i also have single user btw)
    3. Shutdown / Reset options also do nothing in this screen

That guy at least could do this security flaw bug to get back to system :smiley:
Besides he used block, i used logout…

So i guess moral of the story is that logout bug is more secure than block bug, since you can’t log to system anymore :slight_smile:


Latest update for Linux Deepin de claims to fix this bug (haven’t tested personally), but good to know :slight_smile: