Restore Breeze's system tray icons

I want to use Breeze’s original system tray icons, the one that’s shipped with Manjaro’s KDE Plasma ISO looks like this:
while Breeze should have, for KDEConnect as example:
I’ve tried setting both the global theme and icon theme back and forth, but the system tray icons always revert to this unless overridden by the specific theme. How am I supposed to do what I want?

You most change plasma style in system settings to breeze or breath2.

Breath2 changes my digital clock size, but system tray icons remain the same. Breeze doesn’t change anything as I am already on Breeze. Tested back and forth twice each.

Did you log out and back in after the change?

I even rebooted and remove the icon cache. Btw, my Breeze has this application launcher icon:
this is clearly not Breeze (and I don’t know what it is), but it’s the one that gets applied when I select Breeze as either global theme or plasma style.

Yeah, that is not Breeze. Please check if you have something in ~/.local/share/plasma/desktoptheme/
Look inside their metadata.desktop files if has the Name=Breeze … as it will overwrite the one from system.

The valid one is in /usr/share/plasma/desktoptheme/default/

If somehow those files got overwritten, then maybe reinstall breeze package and then reapply the Plasma Style.

I can’t find this one, BUT this gives me a hint. Apparently a downloaded global theme name its own folder default, despite having name Fluent in its metadata, which overwrites the default theme in /usr/share/plasma/desktoptheme/. Renaming it fixes the problem.

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