Manjaro Data Science Bundle (and other bundles)

I have just read about, and it has a great data science bundle.

As I love Manjaro, I will install those packages I still do not have.

BUT I would love to have a Manjaro Data Science Bundle, and I suppose others would love other bundles, perhaps musicians, a Studio one based on KXStudio package list, including the RT kernel, better for multimedia editing or a Steam Deck one.

And if instead of developers making them, they would provide a tool for users to make our own bundles to share, the job would be minimal.

That tool would be perhaps just a GUI to select the bundled packages, and make a script that would install all of them with their dependencies. And to test it first uninstall it all, and then run the bundle script, and if passed add some line, and then a way of submitting them to a Manjaro bundles repository, with a web page describing them, and listing all the packages on each one or something similar.

And perhaps, a Manjaro minimum with those bundles, and one more for the DE or WM, to choose (or custom rare bundles for each user) is a way of distributing Manjaro in the future with just one ISO.

Then I would love Manjaro even more

Thanks in advance.

AFAIK that’s called a meta-package.

Also, Manjaro provides instructions to build your own ISO, which can be used as a distribution, I suppose. So go ahead. You’ve got the vision, you’ve got the mission.

It is ultra simple to create a meta package and share it on AUR

An example