Manjaro CutefishDE Spin v0.2 (2021-06-06 Build) released

CutefishOS has one goal to create a better experience Linux desktop OS. It will be based on Debian, however we from Manjaro, in close partnership with ArchLinux, provide a Community-Spin based on Manjaro of this new Desktop Environment. It uses the latest KDE Frameworks and parts of Plasma5 to get this Gnome-looking UI created. It is aimed for Beginners and restrict all settings to a bare minimum. Since it is also aimed more for touch and adaptive, we might see it also on Tablets very soon. So give it a try and report issues upstream or visit the CutefishOS forums.

Changes since v0.1

  • Optimized the details of the StatusBar UI
  • Fixed Statusbar crashes in some cases
  • Fixed setting wired connection in WLAN
  • Add category to the settings sidebar
  • Fixed the desktop to rename the position of the editor
  • Fixed the wallpaper cannot be loaded after logging in to the desktop
  • Screen brightness can be adjusted more smoothly
  • Improved APP launcher experience
  • More details optimization




Ah… now I see why the UI feels familiar. Maybe the designer is the same? Or maybe the both take the same UI design class?

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But all Manjaro/AUR apps can run without problem, right?

Looking forward to this DE…looking awesome.

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Let’s see but it looks like another Deepin-like iOS-inspired DE with limited functionality by design.

UPD: well limited is not the word. It’s almost non-existent even by Gnome standards. Wish them luck though. They have a long road ahead.

Well, it looks interesting and has a lot of potential. Most newcomers don’t need fancy settings and this stripped down DE is exactly for that purpose to get you an easy to use Linux OS without the fuss breaking something.

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like this one
its also a nice mac os like thing


The real question we should ask is: “does it features fish as the default command-line shell?”

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I’m guessing they released it as its the only way bugs are going to be fixed. Look at gnome, the latest release has more bugs than any DE and they have a dedicated team of devs working on it

Let’s ask them at least after they have a terminal emulator :smile_cat:

How much is the RAM usage after cold boot?

Something around 486M

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