Manjaro CuteFish DE

hello my fellow linux users,
I am new to linux and i am testing Manjaro CuteFish IDE on my old dell laptop in order to give it a new life to give it to my younger sister
i am running the kernel version :
my laptop originally came with windows and i am used to using my function keys and my windows key and other buttons on my laptop’s keyboard and the problem i am facing is that most buttons lost their function after downloading linux and i dont know how to add them back or how to remap them to a certain function.
Can anyone help?

Did you mean DE? :wink:

Though I might not the one to solve the problem, I have a suggestion, just a suggestion, for you.
Cutefish, as cute as it might be, is still in beta phase, and while it is great for testing purposes, it is not quite ready for usage as daily driver (from my usage experience) since many core and essential functionalities are not completely implemented (or not implemented at all). It’s just a word of caution… :slightly_smiling_face:
As for the keyboard shortcuts, you might take a look at Sxhkd.

thank you

bro i dont know the tutorial ive seen and other websites and videos call it IDE so yeah I went with that

what distro of linux or version of manjaro do you suggest?

They call it a DE (Desktop Environment). :wink:

got it broski

There is no recommendation. You have to figure that out by trial and error yourself :wink: . Just pick a stable one that is not in beta stage.

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