Manjaro custom ISO with custom username/password

I am building a custom Manjaro ISO using the buildiso tool. Everything was successful but there is one thing. In the below step:
I modified profile.conf file. Uncomment the hostname, username and password in the livecd part. When I build the ISO and live boot, the hostname is changed as I modified but the username and password are still manjaro. I searched the source code in manjaro-tools package, there’s such code as below.

    [[ -z ${hostname} ]] && hostname="manjaro"

    [[ -z ${username} ]] && username="manjaro"

    [[ -z ${password} ]] && password="manjaro"

So I replaced the manjaros to my custom name. But still the username and password are manjaro in live boot with the ISO.
Why the username/password not change as I expected? Which line of code forces using manjaro for username and password?

The way to go is the $profile-dir/profile.conf e.g.

# unset defaults to given value

# unset defaults to given value

# unset defaults to given value

If you are referring to the text displayed when logging into the live TTY - you would have to change it manually in /etc/issue - the straight forward method is adding it as live-overlay/etc/issue.

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